Bareville Woodcraft specializes in producing solid
wood steam bent components
for builders of fine
Since 1968 we have continued to expand
our capabilities in solid hardwood steam bending,
embossing, and millwork.

Shown at left is our facility, with the main
manufacturing building, besides warehouse, dry kilns,
lumber sheds, and boiler room.

Steam bending requires a special quality of lumber. We
carry an extensive inventory of Eastern hardwoods to
serve you better.
Our Specialties Include:
  • Solid Wood Steam Bending – Chairbacks, Table Aprons,
    Spindles, Backposts, Bowbacks, Arms, Back Slats, Corner
    Braces, and much more. We have hot-plate press
    capacity for 13”, 17”, 22”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 87”
    radiuses, several shapes of backposts, Queen Anne S-
    bends, and corner braces. Besides that, custom shapes
    can be bent on the 6 wing-benders.
  • Embossing – We have a large variety of designs for 22”
    and 30” radius chairbacks, plus flat panels
  • Large Run MillworkMoulding, S4S, Straight Line
    Ripping, Double and Single Side Planing, Resawing up to
    16” wide.
  • Dowels – 7/16” through 1 1/2, larger upon request;
    sanded or unsanded; cut to length, or random.

Ask us about special materials or unique bending patterns.
Many ideas for using solid bentwood parts are possible and
our wide ranging experience will help find a solution for you.

Contact us with your sample, photo, or drawing and we will be
glad to discuss the possibilities with you!
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  • Solid Wood Steam Bending
  • Flat and Curved Embossing
(717) 656-6261
(717) 656-6261
  • Solid Wood Steam Bending
  • Flat and Curved Embossing